Systemic transition management


Take the easy road for a change!

Maaike Thiecke and Bianca van Leeuwen

Another book on organisational change? Indeed. You already know that a new framework, a different process or an adjusted IT system isn’t enough to achieve a significant change. In order for employees and teams to truly behave differently, they have to go through a psychological transition. Otherwise, a change is no more than a rearrangement of chairs. Change becomes easier when you take charge of that psychological transition. That’s what this book is about. A bestseller in The Netherlands.

As a manager or advisor, you can drastically increase your impact on change by looking through the lens of Systemic Transition Management and intervening accordingly. This book provides simple, pragmatic tools that will help you understand and influence persistent behaviour in teams and organisations. That is, if you are prepared to allow your view on organisational change to be changed for good.

– ISBN 978-9492331489
– 220 pages
– Original title: Systemisch Transitiemanagement
– First published in 2013 by Boom Nellissen (Amsterdam)

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Maaike Thiecke and Bianca van Leeuwen
Maaike Thiecke and Bianca van Leeuwen are the owners of Plan B and the creators of SystemicTransition Management (© 2012). Plan B was created to make change easier. Systemic Transition Management offers experienced managers and advisors an unconventional lens onbehavioural and cultural change, which allows them to see what otherscannot yet see and understand what others find incomprehensible. It is a lens for change agents who are used to doing everything (naturally) in order to achieve their change goals. For change agents who would like to drastically increase their impact on change and aren’t afraid of becoming much more effective than their colleagues. For managers and advisors who want to achieve a meaningful change, don’t care much for ‘that is just the way things are around here’ and have been stuck in mud enough to know that sometimes the ‘normal’ perspective on change just isn’t sufficient.

Plan B is an expert in the area of behavioural and cultural change and has a lot to offer managers and advisors:
•courses formanagers and advisors who want tomake change easier;
•advice about (implementing) change strategies, first aid for changestress and sparring for leaders and managers.

The Systemic Transition Management model has been registered as intellectual property and specified in an i-depot. It may only be used and distributed with the permission of Plan B, under the specification of copyright (© Plan B, 2012).

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