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Systemic work without the constellation

Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Schreuder

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Authors Jan Jacob Stam en Bibi Schreuder know better than anyone how systemic coaching works. As founders of the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute, they have trained and guided thousands of professionals in systemic awareness. With great expertise and depth, they give their reader new ideas, new questions and new methods to do interventions at systemic layers.

Coaching is not reserved for those who have ‘coach’ on their business cards. We all coach in some way or another. Although they may call it differently: parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers, therapists and consultants, they all coach often.

In Systemic coaching you learn how to apply your knowledge and skills from constellations in one-to-one situations. In every system people are a part of, there are patterns and trauma’s. Some are obstructive. Systemic coaching can give you knowledge, impulse and structure to deal with these blockages.

Amongst other things, this book consists of a list of more than 40 commonly found symptoms in systems like the cause and effect of abortion, a glass ceiling or fraud. And what are suitable interventions?

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Systemisch coachen

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Uitgeverij Het Noorderlicht (Avenhorn)

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Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Schreuder
Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Schreuder are both internationally known and appreciated for their precise and innovative contribution to the systemic field.

Jan Jacob is the founder of the Bert Hellinger Instituut the Netherlands. “At the moment I am gaining most of my important new insights from working with organisations and social issues. Currently I am working in more than thirty countries, my courses are either in Dutch or English.” Jan Jacob has an enormous passion for exploring.

Bibi Schreuder is co-owner and trainer at the Bert Hellinger Institute the Netherlands. From an intrinsic passion for learning she aims to provide people their own experience of learning by facilitating the process. In order to help people getting a grasp on the systemic approach she developed a numerous amount of exercises. Bibi is a aprecise observer with a good sense of humour and a great love for the profession.

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