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Jan Jacob Stam

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In this book, years of insights, real life examples, personal experiences and a theoretical framework in working with the systemic approach on work and organisational questions, all come together. The book reads like a compilation of articles. Light, in contact with reality and many moments of recognition for the reader.

Systemic insights in work and organisations: what is a good place for me in the organisation? What makes that I keep taking responsibility for something that is not mine? How do we get this change process back on the road? Which job description is most fitting for the new manager? What is the best position as advisor of a company? How will the market respond to a new product?

These are just a few of a thousand questions participants of organisational constellations have asked about their work or organisations. The systemic-phenomenological approach gives us surprising and often unexpected insights on work, professions and organisations.

Thought provoking and inspiring for anyone working in or for organisations.

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Original title

Het verbindende veld

First published in


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Uitgeverij Het Noorderlicht (Middelbert)

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Jan Jacob Stam
Jan Jacob is the founder of the Bert Hellinger Instituut the Netherlands. “At the moment I am gaining most of my important new insights from working with organisations and social issues. Currently I am working in more than thirty countries, my courses are either in Dutch or English.” Jan Jacob has an enormous passion for exploring.

As a former biologist Jan Jacob loves living systems. He observes them without judgment and without aiming to improve them. He has been a teacher for over ten years at high schools, and a manager at a telecom company and a partner in a consultancy firm.


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