Great questions

questions that lead you to a systemic realm





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Siets Bakker & Barbara Piper


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65 question cards



Good questions help you reflect on things. But great questions bring you off balance. Use this set of cards to review issues from a systemic point of view and allow this perspective to work for you. You can use one side of the card set to ask great questions or use the symbols on the other side as representatives for a table constellation.

about this book

65 (!) Questions to help you get started. Which of them resonates? Which don’t? Symbols to keep looking, as representatives in a table constellation. There is always room for this set in your bag.
The questions on the cards take you to a different track or lead you to an undercurrent. If you are getting acquainted with systemic work of if you are more experienced. The wording is sometimes abstract or even magical. That is how you are led to the different realm. Not all questions will be relevant for an issue you are on at the moment. Work with the questions that resonate today. Let the questions give you fresh idea and change the questions where you feel it fits.

The questions have been subdivided into six categories:

  1. General
  2. Personal
  3. Inclusion
  4. Order
  5. Exchange
  6. Organisation

Every category has its own colour. The colours and categories aren’t shown anywhere. This creates room to use the questions and colours in your own way.

On the other side of the cards are symbols. You can use these as table constellations. This way, the cards become representatives.

The following symbols have been used:

  • An arrow across
  • An arrow down
  • The systemic symbol for a man
  • The systemic symbol for a woman
  • The systemic symbol for a boy
  • The systemic symbol for a man girl
  • A question mark
  • A lamp
  • A crucifix
  • A chair
  • A door
  • A cross
  • A cloud
  • A circle
  • A gold bar
  • A symbol for a secret
  • A heart

The distribution of the questions over the symbols is arbitrary.

The card set has been printed on the highest quality paper. You can always bring them when visiting clients. Be it to use them or to give them away.

about the authors

Barbara Piper works as a life coach and lives in San Francisco. Siets Bakker is consultant and publisher. They are friends and founders of Systemic Books.

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examples of the cards

video about the cards


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